The Quest To Cyber Safety

July 29, 2017 Gabe Ishak No comments exist

The Quest To Cyber Safety

Are you looking to improve your cyber safety? Then you are in the right place!

CyberThread is a FREE and dedicated website and youtube channel to raise awareness about cyber crime and teach people simple ways and techniques to enhance their cyber safety.

The idea of CyberThread was sparked in an English class that I took as an honors class in the Spring of 2017. The topic of my class was cybersecurity, which is also what I am majoring in, making this project dear to my heart.

My name is Gaby Ishak, and I have decided to make my honors English project a little more than just a research paper that would be graded then lay around somewhere, or a class presentation that would be limited to my classmates. I decided to launch a website! I wanted to make something not bound to one semester or to just our class. I decided to make a difference, to create a website that promotes cyber safety through simple and explained tips, and techniques that can be used by anyone.

My interest stems from an understanding that not everyone has the time or interest to become a cybersecurity expert. However, there are still many ways to amplify your cyber safety, and I will be discussing all of those ways through this website alongside my youtube channel. So tune in and stay safe! 🙂

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