Email security tips and why you need two emails!

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Email security tips – Why you need two emails!

There are many email security tips, and we will be covering many of them going forward. For the meantime, here are a few of them:
-Have a main email address for your money related subscriptions, such as bank accounts, online shopping sites, and streaming services.
-Have an additional email for other free subscriptions.
Do NOT use your main email address on public WiFi. Instead, use your second email address.

Email security tips and having two emails:

First, of, they are free! But you might ask, why the notion of having two emails is among email security tips? Well, you need one email that will be your primary email address that links to your bank account and other subscriptions that involve your billing information such as Amazon, or your gas bill company, … etc. The second email address is for other non-payment memberships, such as social media, forums, and such.

The goal is that when you need to subscribe to other sites and need to log into your email to confirm the membership and you happen to be on public WiFi at a coffee shop, then you avoid the risk of having your login information stolen. Why is public WiFi a risky business? 

WiFi electromagnetic waves

Two words, WiFi Sniffers. Also known as packet sniffers, and they behave like the routers of the public WiFi. Meaning, they will catch the information that you’re sending the public WiFi’s router, such as your login information! That is because WiFi operates on electromagnetic waves and they spread around. Sure, that way, they will reach the WiFi router wherever it is, as long as it is within its range, but they will also reach the hacker’s laptop if it’s also in range.

As they say, better to be safe than sorry. To ditch WiFi sniffers, all you need to do is use a second email that if you happen to lose, it won’t inflict any stress or financial damage to you.

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