About CyberThread

The Story:

The idea of CyberThread was sparked in an English class that I took. Our class was reading Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know, by P.W. Singer, and Allan Friedman. The book shed some light on how understaffed the United States is, and how targeted it is when it comes to cybersecurity, as well as how little is known about this realm.

My name is Gaby Ishak, CEO & founder of CyberThread. I decided to make my Honors English project a little more than just a paper or a presentation. I wanted to make something that is not bound to one semester or to just our class, something that makes a difference! Finally, I knew that I had to make it a dedicated website to raise awareness about cybersecurity and cyber safety.

My interest to do this project stems from my career path, which is cybersecurity. I do understand that not everyone has the time or the interest to become a cybersecurity expert. Thus, the idea is to inform you about simple yet effective methods and techniques to amplify your cyber safety.