This page contains the definitions associated with each term used in cybersecurity. It is a great place to understand some key elements of the cyber world.


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A flaw or a feature that allows someone else to access the system.

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A decentralized cryptocurrency valued on the basis of trust and exchanged without a middle-man or bank.

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Black Hat:

A hacker that uses his skills to engage in illegal cyber activities.

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Dark Web:

It is a type of a web that isn't accessible to search engines, such as a database.

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Deep Web:

It is a type of a web that requires special protocols or software(s) to be accessed, like TOR.

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It is changing the graphics and content of a website, and that includes changing the website's texts, pictures, and/or videos.

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Denial of Service:

This means using the resources of your device to flood the target and make it inaccessible for other devices.

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Distributed Denial of Service:

Similarly, this means using the resources of multiple devices to flood the target much more effectively and make it inaccessible for other devices.

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Changing and modifying the data to deny unauthorized access.

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It is a set of rules made to control the inbound and outbound traffic of a device or a server.

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Grey hat:

Are the type of hackers who tend to do some cyber ethical activities, but some illegal activities as well.

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Is the use of a cyber element in a way it wasn't designed in order to compromise a system.

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Malicious software that records the keys you press on the keyboard and mouse, it can be used to steal a variety of things, such as your log in information, or a letter that typed ... etc.

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A program that is made to cause damage to a device or a system, such as disabling it.

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A type of cyber attack that tricks people into giving information or clicking on malicious links. It uses the element of emergency to rush the user into making the mistake.

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They are gates where computers transfer information between each other. There are 65536 ports in a computer (0-65535).

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A middle-point between you and a website or target. The connection goes from you to the proxy, then to the target, and it takes the same route when it comes back. It is used for anonymity purposes.

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A malicious software that will encrypt your files and demand payment in order to unlock them.

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Script Kiddie:

It is a person who doesn't have the experience of a hacker and uses codes and software made by other hackers.

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Social Engineering:

The art of using psychology to manipulate the target into doing something that it is not necessarily in his/her interest.

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Is a type of malware that looks like an authentic software, but in reality it enables hackers to access your computer through backdoors and steal your information.

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A network of different devices that provide privacy and security to the person using it.

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It is a malicious code that can copy itself and spread through devices while doing the damage it was designed to do to each device it reaches.

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White Hat:

A type of hacker that uses his skills within the boundaries of law.